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Ultrasonic Flowsensor

GF Signet Flow Instruments Ultraflow brings simplicity to the non-invasive measurement of liquid flow, offering the user quick and accurate flow measurement with its easy to follow menu and simple set up. Dry servicing, providing minimum downtime and maximum availability, even in a continuously running system. Compact, rugged and reliable, the Ultraflo has been designed to provide sustained performance in industrial environments.

Mfr. Part No.

  • U3000A d13-114, U3000B d115-299, U3000B d300-2000

Flow Meter

The Portaflow range brings simplicity to the non-invasive measurement of liquid flow. Portaflow offers the user quick and accurate flow measurement with its easy to follow menu and simple set up. Results can be achieved within minutes of opening the case. Compact, rugged and reliable, the Portaflow range has been designed to provide sustained performance in industrial environments.

Mfr. Part No.

  • PF 220 A, PF 220 B

525 Metalex™ Paddlewheel Signet Flow Sensor

GF Signet Flow Instruments U1000 is an ultrasonic permanent/fixed clamp-on flow metering solution for measuring flow rate. The cost effective device can either be used as a stand alone meter or as an integral part of a control loop.The U1000 is very simple to install - clamp it on to the pipe, connect it to power and enter the pipe diameter. No special skills or tools are required.

Mfr. Part No.:

  • U1000-1

2537 Paddlewheel Signet Sensor

The Signet Instruments 5075 Totalizing Flow Monitor features a traditional analog dial for flow rate at a glance while the backlit LCD provides precision flow rate, total volume and programming information. Significant features of this 5075 include user selectable analog dials, permanent and resettable totalizers and pulse

Mfr. Part No.

  • 3-5075

Signet 2540

The Signet Instruments 5090 Sensor-Powered ProPoint™ Flow Monitor is the simplest and most economical instrument in the Signet offering signet flow meter . It features a balanced-spring meter movement that is powered by the AC output of the Signet 515 Paddlewheel Flow Sensor. No additional power source is required.This unique system is suitable for a wide range of flow rates. Packaging in an ¼ DIN housing with a NEMA 4X/IP65 front panel, the 5090 is the first choice for simple flow monitoring, even in the most demanding industrial environments.

Mfr. Part No.:

  • 3-5090

The 5500 GF Signet Flow Monitor is an Signet Instruments that comes fully equipped with all of the basic tools needed for monitoring and controlling a flow system by a signet flow meter. The analog dial enables the user to easily read instantaneous flow rate, while the backlit LCD is useful for calibration, setup, and displaying totalized flow volume. The 5500 features a standard ¼ DIN package and removable wiring terminals. Power the instrument with virtually any standard 24-volt power supply (AC or DC). Connect any one of Signet’s wide array of flow sensors, then consider which output features are best for your application.

Mfr. Part No.

  • 3-5500

Signet 2551 Magmeter  Sensor

GF Signet 5600 Batch Controller provides control capability and process fine-tuning in a familiar package. The programming interface uses a four-button keypad and an intuitive procedure for adjusting a batching system to the best performance possible. The standard ¼ DIN package houses an analog display panel that features a batch status indicator with count-up or countdown dials. The backlit LCD displays flow rate and volume information and batch status, as well as calibration and setup instructions. The front of the unit is NEMA 4X/IP65 and is hard-coated, high-impact and UV resistant polycarbonate.

Mfr. Part No.

  • 3-5600

Signet 2552 Metal Magmeter

GF Signet Flow Transmitters 8150 Battery Operated signet flow meter which compatible with the Signet 515 and 525 Signet flow sensors, and will provide years of dependable operation. The large digital display indicates flow rate and totalized flow volume simultaneously. One of the three totalizers is resettable from the front panel or a remote location, while the second resettable totalizer can only be reset by entering a user-selectable security code. Meanwhile, the third is a permanent non-resettable totalizer.

Mfr. Part No.:

  • 3-8150-1, 3-8150-1P, 3-8150-P0

2100 Turbine Flow Sensor

GF Signet Flow Transmitters model no 8550 are advanced signet flow meter instruments that convert the signal from frequency and digital (S3L) flow sensors into a 4 to 20 mA signal for long distance transmission. Configuration flexibility is maximized with single or dual input/output, two optional relays for process control, two packaging options for integral/pipe mount or panel installation, and scalability for virtually any flow range or engineering unit. State-of-the-art electronic design ensures long-term reliability, signal stability, and simple user setup and operation.

Mfr. Part No.:

  • 3-8050, 3-8051, 3-0000.596

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