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GF Signet Hydrostatic Level Sensor & ProcessPro Level Transmitter:

The Signet 2250 Hydrostatic Level Sensor for level and depth control has a one-piece injection-molded PVDF body and ceramic diaphragm for superior compatibility in corrosive liquids. Utilizing hydrostatic pressure, the 2250 Level Sensor disregards false level signals from steam vapors, foam or any other debris on the liquid surface. Two pressure ranges allow for optimal resolution matched to your sensing needs. Solid state circuitry eliminates drift (no internal potentiometers).

Mfr. Part No.:

  • 3-2250, 3-2250-11L, 3-2250-11U

Signet 8250 Level Transmitters are compatible with the Signet 2450 Pressure Sensors and are available in field and panel mount configurations...............

Mfr. Part No.:

  • 3-8250, 3-8250-2, 3-8250-2P 8250

The type 2270 is a rugged, high performance ultrasonic level measurement sensor, having transducer and processing electronics incorporated in one single housing. It provides all the sophisticated echo detection features of the well accepted 2260 Ultrasonic Level Transmitters.

Type 2280 Tuning Forks are suitable for level detection of liquids or granular, powdered solids. Mounted on tanks filling / emptying can be controlled using these devices just as well they can generate fail-safe alarms providing overfill- or dry run protection.

The Multipoint Switch is based on the conductivity principle and can be applied to liquids with conductivity higher than 10 μS/cm. The probes have to be placed into the tank for level detection. The probe length should be in accordance with the level to be detected.

The Guided Float Switch is designed for economical control of liquids in tanks. The switch is remarkable for its maintenance-free compact design and reed contacts with high switch capacity. It can easily be installed in water applications as well as in chemical applications.

The Ultrasonic Gap Switch consists of Polyphenylene Sulphide (PPS) and is high corrosion resistant in most liquids. The gap switch is designed for high or low level alarm in different tank applications as well as pump control. However, if there is a liquid present, the signal will be transmitted across the gap and the integral electronics will switch the output circuitry to signal the presence of a liquid.

The 2285 Level Float Switch is suitable for level switching of various liquids, sewage in shafts, tanks, basins or cisterns. The double-chambered float is made of injection molded tough polypropylene that ensures good waterproof protection.

The type 2260 is a rugged, high performance ultrasonic secondary lightning protection level measurement transmitter, having transducer and processing electronics and a display/programming unit incorporated into a single housing.

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